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Bookshop Santa Cruz offers autographed copies of many of your favorite books. Please see the listing below for the signed editions we are offering online. Contact our orders department if you have any questions.

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You can also browse our list of books you can get signed at upcoming author events.

by Daniel Silva
First Edition, Tip-In

We now have signed copies available of The Other Woman: A Novel, signed on a tip-in page by Daniel Silva.

Fast as a bullet, hauntingly beautiful, and filled with stunning double-crosses and twists of plot, The Other Woman is a tour de force that proves once again that “of all those writing spy novels today, Daniel Silva is quite simply the best” (Kansas City Star).


by Alexander McCall Smith
First US Edition, First Printing, Tip-In

We now have signed copies available of The Quiet Side of Passion: An Isabel Dalhousie Novel, signed on a tip-in page by Alexander McCall Smith.

Isabel finds herself grappling with ethically-complex matters of the heart as she tries to juggle her responsibilities to friends, family, and the philosophical community. 


by Cara Black
First Edition, First Printing, Signed in Person

We now have signed copies available of Murder on the Left Bank, signed in-person by Cara Black at our book talk and signing event with her at Discretion Brewing on July 26th, 2018.

A confession fifty years in the making puts everyone’s favorite Paris détéctive très chic, Aimée Leduc, on a collision course with the “Hand,” a cabal of corrupt Parisian cops among who masterminded her father's murder—and among whose ranks he might have once found membership. When a friend’s child is kidnapped while wearing her daughter’s hoodie, Aimée realizes that the case has crossed into the realm of the personal in more ways than one. 


by Kate Schatz and Miriam Klein Stahl
First Edition, First Printing, Signed in Person

We now have signed copies of Rad Girls Can: Stories of Bold, Brave, and Brilliant Young Women available, signed in-person by author Kate Schatz at our in-store event with her and illustrator Miriam Klein Stahl on July 23rd, 2018.

In Rad Girls Can, you'll learn about a diverse group of young women who are living rad lives, whether excelling in male-dominated sports like boxing, rock climbing, or skateboarding; speaking out against injustice and discrimination; expressing themselves through dance, writing, and music; or advocating for girls around the world. Each profile is paired with the dynamic paper-cut art that made the authors' first two books New York Times best sellers. Featuring both contemporary and historical figures, Rad Girls Can offers hope, inspiration, and motivation to readers of all ages and genders.


by Lisa Jensen
First Edition, First Printing, Signed in Person

We now have signed copies of Beast: A Tale of Love and Revenge, signed in-person by Lisa Jensen at our in-store event with her July 17th, 2018.

Filled with gorgeous writing, magic and fierce emotion, Beast: A Tale of Love and Revenge will challenge all you think you know about good and evil, and beauty and beastliness.


by Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin
First Edition, First Printing, Signed Title Page

We now have signed editions of Click, Clack, QUACK to School! available, signed on the title page by Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin.

They can stand in line (sort of), use indoor voices (perhaps), and are capable of sharing (rumor has it), so the Click Clack critters are ready for school…but is school ready for them? A charming addition to the award-winning Click, Clack series from the New York Times bestselling and Caldecott winning team who brought you Click, Clack, Moo and Click, Clack, Surprise!


by Jonathan White

We now have signed copies of Tides: The Science and Spirit of the Ocean, signed by Jonathan White at our in-store event with him on June 25th, 2018.

In Tides: The Science and Spirit of the Ocean, writer, sailor, and surfer Jonathan White takes readers across the globe to discover the science and spirit of ocean tides. In the Arctic, White shimmies under the ice with an Inuit elder to hunt for mussels in the dark cavities left behind at low tide; in China, he races the Silver Dragon, a twenty-five-foot tidal bore that crashes eighty miles up the Qiantang River; in France, he interviews the monks that live in the tide-wrapped monastery of Mont Saint-Michel; in Chile and Scotland, he investigates the growth of tidal power generation; and in Panama and Venice, he delves into how the threat of sea level rise is changing human culture--the very old and very new. Tides combines lyrical prose, colorful adventure travel, and provocative scientific inquiry into the elemental, mysterious paradox that keeps our planet's waters in constant motion. Photographs, scientific figures, line drawings, and sixteen color photos dramatically illustrate this engaging, expert tour of the tides.


by Lauren Groff
First Edition, First Printing, Signed Title Page

We now have signed copies available of Florida, signed by Lauren Groff on the title page.

"Set in the steamy, seemingly dangerous landscape of Florida, Lauren Groff’s new stories play on the boundaries of humanity and wildness, the contradictions within human nature, and the conflicts faced by women in the assumed roles of motherhood and marriage. They are dark, exploratory, and as always with Lauren Groff, a thing of literary beauty." - Melinda, Bookshop Santa Cruz Head Book Buyer


by Michael Ondaatje
First Edition, Signed Title Page

We now have signed copies available of Warlight: A Novel, signed by Michael Ondaatje on the title page.

From the internationally acclaimed, best-selling author of The English Patient: a mesmerizing new novel that tells a dramatic story set in the decade after World War II through the lives of a small group of unexpected characters and two teenagers whose lives are indelibly shaped by their unwitting involvement.


by Laurie R. King
First Edition, Signed in Person

We now have signed copies available of Island of the Mad: A novel of suspense featuring Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes, signed in-person by Laurie R. King.

"The indomitable Mary Russell is back at it again, this time tracking down a friend’s missing aunt in a search that leads her from the notorious insane asylum of Bedlam to the canals of Mussolini-era Venice. With a cast of players that includes fascist Blackshirts and Cole Porter in full party mode, King’s writing is, as ever, brimming with wit, rich historical detail, and her own brand of infectious joie de vivre." - Ilana, Bookshop staff




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