In time for the 75th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor this December, Craig Nelson’s new book charts the path to the Pearl Harbor attack from both the American and Japanese perspectives, recounts the events of the bombing in thorough detail, and concludes with an examination of the lasting effects of the attack, starting with the United States’ entry into World War II. Using newly discovered and reanalyzed information, this is a painstakingly researched, absorbing account.  —Flannery

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Pearl Harbor: From Infamy to Greatness Cover Image
ISBN: 9781451660494
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Published: Scribner Book Company - September 20th, 2016

Because of her no-nonsense, eloquent speeches and her civil rights–minded court rulings, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is one of my heroes. This collection of writings, selected and introduced by Ginsburg and her authorized biographers, is filled with life stories and opinions on everything from gender equality to lawyers in opera. It gives us a glimpse into Ginsburg’s life, beliefs, and witty sense of humor and has a good doseof wisdom. —Flannery


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My Own Words Cover Image
ISBN: 9781501145247
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Simon & Schuster - October 4th, 2016

Paul Brinkley-Rogers is a Pulitzer Prize–winning author best known for his journalism as a war correspondent. Now retired, he has written a more personal story, one that he waited a half century to tell. At 19, as a sailor aboard the USS Shangri-La, stationed in Japan shortly after the United States had dropped its nuclear bombs, he met Kaji Yukiko, a Japanese woman 10 years his senior. With her, he saw firsthand the complexity of the effects of the war as well as the complexity of a redemptive love without a happy ending. This poignant memoir bridges time, culture, and distance. This quiet and vivid memoir is one of the best I have read in years. —S.M.C.


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Please Enjoy Your Happiness: A Memoir Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781501151255
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Published: Touchstone Books - August 2nd, 2016

Bryan Cranston traces his journey in life, from his impoverished childhood to his time now as one of our greatest living actors. With his gentle judgment, he focuses on the moments that forged him, telling vivid stories of his adventures and of the unique people he has met along the way. Underpinning this is the devotion he has as an artist to using his experiences to perfect his craft.  —Jocelyn

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A Life in Parts Cover Image
ISBN: 9781476793856
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Published: Scribner Book Company - October 11th, 2016

Here, for the first time, the Boss tells his own story, from growing up Catholic in Freehold, New Jersey, to becoming the brightest light on the mid-Atlantic bar-band scene, to finding monster success with the E Street Band. The struggles, the triumphs, the divorce, the deaths of band members—it’s all here. And not surprisingly, one of the greatest songwriters of all time is also an enviably terrific prose stylist. If you read one rock-and-roll biography this decade, it should probably be this one.      —Rico

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Born to Run Cover Image
ISBN: 9781501141515
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Published: Simon & Schuster - September 27th, 2016

Brittany Maynard was not yet 30 when she was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. She became famous through her advocating for the right to end her own life. Wild and Precious Life is her mother’s story, a poignant memoir in which we see a life lived to the fullest, we witness a mother who struggles to support the decision her daughter has made, and we watch how one family’s intimate decision transforms a nation’s dialogue about choice in end-of-life decision making. This is a story about life and how fierce and enduring we can be when we look fully at all that comes.                                                              —S.M.C.

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Wild and Precious Life Cover Image
ISBN: 9781501128516
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Published: Atria Books - October 25th, 2016

Atlanta, 1948, isn’t an easy place to be black, and Lucius and Tommy know that being the first black police officers doesn’t make it any easier. They have no real power, and both the white officers and civilians understand that. When a young black woman is found beaten to death, they suspect white officers of the murder and launch their own investigation, regardless of the risks. This is a gritty, dark mystery well worth reading.  —Flannery


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Darktown Cover Image
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ISBN: 9781501133862
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Published: Atria Books - September 13th, 2016

1939: A young Jewish girl, Hannah, drifts alone through Berlin, waiting for either the “Ogres” to take her family or her family to take her from home. 2014: A young girl, Anna, drifts alone through New York City, waiting for her mother to stop mourning her lost father. Through photos and family secrets, from Germany to Cuba to New York, the lives of two girls connect—lives where moments matter less than memories or dreams.  —Jocelyn


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The German Girl Cover Image
ISBN: 9781501121142
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Published: Atria Books - October 18th, 2016

Alice Hoffman’s striking dream of a novel is based on the life of Rachel Pomie Petit Pissarro and her favorite son—a man who would become the famed father of impressionist painting. Growing up in a Jewish refugee community on tropical St. Thomas in the 1800s, strong-willed Rachel dreams of the cool, rainy streets of Paris. Under a stern mother and kind-hearted father, her best friend is the mixed-race daughter of her family’s servant; she is uninterested in the proper ways of womanhood and society’s tight-laced expectations. Arranged to marry a widower to save the family business (and become the mother of his three children), Rachel instead follows forbidden passions—sparking a scandal that turns her community against her. Hoffman fills these pages with the island’s magic and color, winding a familial tale of wanderlust and examining the tightrope walk between tradition and independence, love, and logic.  —Julia

The Marriage of Opposites Cover Image
ISBN: 9781451693607
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Simon & Schuster - June 7th, 2016

This is one of those warm-hearted books that still packs a literary punch. Elsa is seven years old and quirky. She struggles making friends her own age because she’s just as concerned about their using proper grammar as she is about their ability to make up a rousing imaginative game. Here, we might refer to her as an “old soul,” but in Elsa’s world she is known as weird and odd. Elsa survives her loneliness because her grandmother stands in as Elsa’s best friend. Granny is a firecracker of feelings and impulses. She shoots at people with paint balls, dances when the moment takes her, and has no problem giving her opinion regardless of the social setting. When Elsa’s grandmother dies, Elsa is cast into the role of delivering letters of apologies to all the people Granny affronted while alive. With a flurried pace of wild narrative and incredible setting, this book had me laughing and tearing sentences apart. In some ways, this is a story of one child’s passage through grief, but it is also a depiction of the highlights of life and how being ourselves is really the only way to forge a connection. A beautiful and lasting story.  —S.M.C.

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My Grandmother Asked Me to Tell You She's Sorry Cover Image
ISBN: 9781501115073
Availability: On Our Shelves Now
Published: Washington Square Press - April 5th, 2016



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